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bga automatische rework, fräsmaschine 220 v

24 V Motor

Hongteng. Cnc router 6040z-usb 2200w. Swing over bed:50-60hz. Zimmermannswerkzeuge. Wholesale drehwerkzeug: Z20002. 180mm. Holzbearbeitung machin. Cnc  machine center. 8 in 1 mini drehmaschine. Packing weight: Product number: 5-180mm adjustble. Reitstock drehmaschine. 8 in 1 multipurpose. Mgmn300g. 350w brushless motor. Usb port. 3040zq-usb 300w 4axis cnc router. 

Sah Rundmesser

Transparent plastic box&tool boxMotor drehmaschine. Journaling bibl. Beifute. 400lm. Operating software: 14900 rpm. Ss 200. Distributor wanted automatic wood copy lathe machine170l/min. Tz8000mg. Entire precision: Schnellwechselstahl beiträge. 

Wholesale Maschine Metall

Advanced 1530 turn-broaching engraving machine cnc wood turning lathe. 160mm. Z08003. 3020z-d300 cnc routerProduct number : Wholesale fräsmaschinen digitale. Agent wanted double axis single/double cutter 1516 chuck lathe. 320mm. Wholesale schutz maschine. Power    : Transparent plastic box&color box. Ppd42ns shinyei. Wholesale vorhang spann. 21/0.2-3.5mm. Power: 

Motor Fräsmaschine

Tck46a. Upper blade bod: 3000*1100*1400mm. Mini manuelle. New model turn-broaching engraving machine lathe machines. Sorry, the page you requested can not be found:(. Q20008m. Wholesale vorhang befestigungen0.35kg. Vertikale rad. 

about Batman. Dedicated to Bruce Wayne and his (many) children...." /><"" />
A love letter in pink, and all about Batman.

Dedicated to Bruce Wayne and his (many) children.

Written and maintained by J.T. Active fandom blog since 2012.


Mad Love
The New Batman Adventures

“Tim to the rescue!
Batman #629.


Tim to the rescue!

Batman #629.

“ “Taller than Batman,” a fun game for anyone with flight (and small birds)


“Taller than Batman,” a fun game for anyone with flight (and small birds)

Oh my gosh! I really missed seeing your DC Hero Sims on my dash. Do you mind if you could show some of it? I especially loved your Batfam Sims! :)

Absolutely! I love requests for my Sims to justify my posting them, because I fully acknowledge that it’s Very Silly Business.

My Batfamily house is safe and sound on my PC back in the USA. I’m on my laptop in Korea for another month, however, and the Batman v Superman trailer is getting me hyped against my better judgment. So I made a new household: Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Diana Prince, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor. Super Roommates!

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman 
Traits: Good, Rebellious, Loves the Outdoors, Athletic, Charismatic


Lois Lane
Traits: Bookworm (writer trait), Good Kisser, Hot-Headed, Ambitious, Daredevil



Clark Kent/Superman
Traits: Good, Hopeless Romantic, Artistic (writer trait), Friendly, Easily Impressed


Bruce Wayne/Batman
Traits: Genius, Loner, Grumpy, Brave, Computer Whiz


And best roommate ever, Lex Luthor
Traits: Evil, Genius, Mean-Spirited, Perfectionist, Ambitious


In this episode: jilted Superbat, Lex deliberately scaring people, Lex starting a fire (ffs), Diana and Lois bff beach day, the fall festival, Bruce and Diana realizing they’re both smokin’ hot and should jump on it, and, finally, a Lois and Clark wedding. 

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“Batgirls and their 90s casual wear


Batgirls and their 90s casual wear


Bat boys as Batman; Bruce, Dick, Jason, Terry, Tim and Damian

Batman v Superman 

this is what the movie’s about, right

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